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PLOg Webinar 8: Shaving

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What ingredients are used in commercial shaving cream, and what's wrong with them? How can they be detrimental to your health? What alternatives are there?

PLOg Episode 7: What your Dentist won’t tell you about toothpaste and healthy alternatives

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Have sensitive teeth?  Cavity prone?  Learn WHY and WHAT you can do about it!  YES you can heal your teeth!  To learn how, watch Episode 7... and recover your teeth to health!

PLOg Episode 6: PLO Gifting!

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I have been “gifting” Primal Life Organics to family and friends for the past three years- and have realized that skincare is the perfect gift- especially a truly health promoting, vitamin and nutrient rich, chemical free brand.  Watch our Holiday Webinar HERE. 

Skincare is unique. Never have I given a Grunt Lip Balm, Torn Up Hand Repair, PitStick, Body Butter or Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and received the “look”. Trust me, I have given the Gift Of PLO to the unhealthiest individuals and they LOVE it! Why? Because who doesn’t LOVE a great lip balm? Who wouldn’t use amazing body butter? Who would snub their nose at a PitStick? Why would you not try something called “Dirty Mouth”?

As a Paleo/Primal enthusiast, I feel much better giving the gift of health, and it even opens the door of conversation about a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices. 

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we thought it would be fun to do a webinar about which products make great gifts from PLO! Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers, birthday or anniversary gifts, we will discuss how to buy for others and help you decide exactly what to get that special someone! 

We will be talking about what to Gift from Primal Life Organics. The holidays are around the corner, and we have some really amazing products that fit so nicely in Christmas stockings!! Chemical free skincare is an incredible gift of health to share with your loved ones.

We can help you make your Wish List!  Invite your husband as we talk about what EVERY woman would LOVE!!  Put PLO on your list- and send your loved ones shopping! 

PLOg Episode 5: Healing Skin Conditions with Liz Wolfe

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If you suffer from acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, melesma, perioral dermatitis, or any other skin condition, you will want to join us as we discuss the NATURAL WAYS TO HEAL YOUR BODY to help resolve your skin's condition.

Even if you suffer from "hormonal" acne- this webinar could help you. If you do not suffer from any skin conditions- you will still benefit from the information we will discuss!!

There are about as many skin conditions as there are treatments- and most treatments only touch the surface and do not get to the root of the cause. Liz is an expert on healing the body from the inside- and many conditions stem from your internal health.

Liz will talk about natural practices you can incorporate into your life that will help heal your body from the inside, while Trina and Carrie will talk about how to heal the body from the outside. The outsides can be a reflection of the inside- so join us as we discuss LIVE with Liz Wolfe how to deal with the Roots Of The Skin!

PLOg Episode 4: How to use our Face Products

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We often get asked about the order of application for our face packages, or when to incorporate the face masks or Fire & Ice or our exfoliators. We will cover all of these questions and more, as well as do a live demonstration of how to use our face products! If you aren’t quite sure how to use all of the components of our face packages, or how often to use our supplemental face products, then this webinar is for you! 

PLOg Episode 3: Primal Colors Makeup

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Since our makeup is so different from conventional makeup, sometimes people find the application confusing or difficult. So why would you even want to use our makeup? What makes it so different? And how do you use it? If you want to detox your makeup but aren't sure yet about our Primal Colors Makeup, then this podcast is for you!

PLOg Episode 2: Skin Types Webinar

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One of our most frequently asked questions is "What products will work for my skin type?" In this webinar, we go through many different skin types and talk about which products will work best to help normalize the skin, why these products will work, and what some underlying causes of certain skin types/conditions may be. If you are wondering what products to try for your skin, then this webinar is for you!

Episode 3: Why Choose Paleo Skincare?

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What is the difference between "organic" and paleo skincare? What makes paleo so different? Why choose paleo skincare?

Episode 2: Preservatives in Skincare

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This is an educational video from Primal Life Organics which talks about the dangers of using preservatives in skincare. The two most highlighted preservatives are parabens and formaldehyde.

PLOg Episode 1: Dirty Poo Webinar

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Paleo, natural alternative to chemical laden commercial skincare - Dirty Poo is made from clay, herbs, baking soda, honey and sea kelp to effectively clean and nourish the hair and scalp. This webinar covers questions such as what Dirty Poo is, how to use Dirty Poo, and trouble shooting and adjustment tips for Dirty Poo. 

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